Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, a big welcome to Cyclebeat - we hope you enjoy our studio. 

We'll try our best to answer all your questions below, and of course if you need to know anything else then just email us.


  • I'm new to your riding at Cyclebeat, what do I need to know?

    Get started at Cyclebeat  in a few simple steps:

     - Create an account.  We just need a few details to get you up and riding.

     - Buy a class series.  If you haven’t been before we have a rather tasty introductory offer of 10 days for £20.  

     - Have a look at our timetable and decide which class suits you.  You can see your instructor’s profile, including their music playlist style.  

     - Book a class through the schedule.  You get to choose the actual bike you will be riding on, so if your friends are joining you, let them know where you will be sitting.

     - Come on over to Cyclebeat.


  • What should I expect?

    There is nothing quite like a Cyclebeat ride, cycling as a group with an inspiring instructor guiding you through the journey.  This is all done to a soundtrack carefully crafted to carry you through the ride with a smile on your face.  Intensive exercise has never been such fun.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    You don’t have to be fit – if you are not, regular Cyclebeat classes will get you there. One of the joys of our classes is that they are suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners to hardened cyclists.  You control the intensity of the workout by adjusting the resistance (i.e. the gears) on your bike.  If you are just starting, you can keep the resistance low and as you get fitter (and you will be amazed by your improvement after a few weeks at Cyclebeat) you can increase the resistance. 

  • What different ride packages can I buy?

    You start on our rather tasty offer of 10 days for £20. You can ride as often as you like for 10 days. You can find out more about our intro offer here.   All new members start on this deal.

    Once your intro offer ends, and whether you’re a commitment phobe, or looking for a long term relationship, we’ve got something for you.  We have designed our range of packages to be as flexible as possible, to enable you to choose a package which reflects the way you want to attend Cyclebeat.  Individual rides, books of ten rides, and subscriptions with unlimited cycling, are all available.  Further details on our packages are here. 


  • How does the 10 days for £20 introductory offer work?

    Everybody starts on the 10 days for £20 offer, which gives you  unlimited rides for 10 days - it really is an amazing deal.  The 10 day period does not begin until the date of your booked ride, so you can buy the package and use it later - as long as you start using it within 3 months of purchase, it will not expire.  It is only available to members who have not previously bought an introductory package.

    When you have this package, you can hold 2 rides in reserve at any time.  This doesn't limit the number of times you can ride in total, but it gives everybody a fair chance to book some rides.

    Please don't abuse the privilege of being able to book unlimited rides - only book a ride if you fully intend to take part in it, and please cancel immediately if you know you are not going to use it.  All cancellations must be done within 8 hours of the start time.  Serial "no-showers" may have their booking rights suspended.

  • How does the monthly unlimited subscription work?

    You are always free to just pay and ride at Cyclebeat, but if you are coming more than once a week, you may be better off buying a monthly unlimited subscription, which gives you unlimited rides during each month of the subscription.  

    We've kept it incredibly simple, so there is no minimum term or notice period, you can cancel at any time.

    Your first month does not activate until the date of your first class booked using this subscription.  This means that you can buy it while you are still using the 10 day intro offer, enabling you to book ahead without wasting any period of your new subscription.

    You just need to start using the first month within a month of purchase, otherwise it will expire and the subscription will automatically renew.

    During the subscription you can hold up to 4 ride bookings at any time.  As soon as you use or cancel one of those bookings, you can make another.

    At the end of  the first month, your subscription will automatically renew unless you have cancelled it via your online account.

     Payment for your first month is taken when you buy the subscription.  Payment for every subsequent month is taken when it renews.  

    You can purchase  the monthly packages here - BUY NOW.

    If you have an enquiry about your monthly contract, or wish to freeze or cancel it, email


  • How do I cancel the monthly unlimited subscription?

    On the Cyclebeat website, select "My Account" and log in.  Select "My Series".  If you have a Monthly Unlimited Series, there will be an option beside it marked "Cancel Contract".  If you click on this option, your current month's subscription will continue, but the subscription will not renew.

    Please note that for older subscriptions, including the monthly subscription (3/6 month minimum term) the original notice and minimum term requirements continue to apply.  To cancel, please contact


  • I only want to subscribe for a month, what should I do?

    You can buy the monthly unlimited package and then instantly cancel it (see the previous FAQ for instructions).  The subscription will not renew after the first month.

  • What do I need to bring?

    You should wear comfortable workout clothing.  Padded cycling shorts are great.

    You should also bring a water bottle, or you can buy water at reception.  Keep drinking during and after the class, this indoor cycling is a thirsty business.

    Everybody gets a sweat towel for class - you will need it.  If you are going to shower afterwards, bring a towel or you can hire one from reception.

    Bring a padlock for the changing room, or you can buy one at reception.

  • What not to wear

    Don’t wear loose fitting trousers – they could get caught in the bike, with hilarious consequences.

  • What about cycling shoes?

    We strongly recommend wearing cycling shoes during Cyclebeat rides.  These are special shoes which click into your pedals and enhance the cycling experience – they enable you to generate more powerful pedal strokes and give your legs a fuller workout.

    We have great cycling shoes available for hire at the studio for just £1.  See the next FAQ.

    If you want to bring your own cycling shoes, our pedals work with SPD cleats.

  • Should I hire Cyclebeat cycling shoes?

    We highly recommend using cycling shoes - they will transform your ride.  If you don't have your own, you can hire a great pair from us for £1.   Once you use them you will never want to go back to trainers.

    Cycling shoes attach to the pedals, which lets you apply more power throughout the entire pedal stroke instead of just when you are pushing  down. This means that all the different muscles in your legs get a workout, so they get stronger  and you burn more calories.  Oh, and they will also help you climb the Beatboard!

    If you want to try them out, just ask at reception, we have a big stock so there should always be a pair in your size.  If you need any help in using them, just ask our front of house team or your instructor for assistance - they are really simple to click in and out of the pedals, you will get the hang of it in no time.





  • How do you select the music?

    We love music.  Our instructors all have their own style, and they pick the tracks which suit their taste and class goals.  But we also spend a lot of time finding great, unexpected cycling tracks for our instructors.  Together, we create amazing playlists for you.  Most importantly, we know that you all have different tastes, so we show you what kind of music every instructor plays, and you can listen to some of those playlists here.

  • What bikes do you use?

    We spent a lot of time looking for the very best indoor bike around. We chose the new Keiser M3+ indoor cycle, which is a joy to ride and comes with a clever computer which tells you how fast your are pedalling, how hard you are working, and how many calories you have burned. This information is also available to you via our unique Beatboard

    Importantly, the Keiser M3+ bikes are completely adjustable, allowing you to set them up in a way which is just right for your body size.



  • And what’s the Beatboard?

    The Beatboard measures your work rate and, if you fancy it, adds a little competitive edge to each class.  If you opt in (and it is strictly optional) during class, your performance numbers will appear on a screen at the front of your class, and you can compete against your mates or others in the class.  The Beatboard also stores performance details of each ride to your account, so you can track your fitness progress over time.

    More details of the Beatboard are here.

  • How do I set up my bike?

    The first time you come to a class, let your instructor know that you haven’t been before, and they will help you get your bike positioned correctly.  The Keiser M3+ bikes are completely adjustable, allowing you to set them up in a way which is just right for your body size. 

  • Who are the Cyclebeat ride instructors?

    We have searched for London's finest indoor cycling instructors.  They are teaching at Cyclebeat because they are experienced, inspiring and approachable.  Find more about them here.

  • How many calories can I burn in a class?

    It naturally depends on how hard you work, and how long you work for, but in a typical 45 minute class you should be burning between 400 and 600 calories.  But remember, there’s no point in spinning along on zero resistance – for the Beatboard does not lie.

  • Will indoor cycling give me bulky thighs or legs?

    Not unless you already had bulky legs or thighs!  You get bulky muscles in your legs from pushing heavy weights.  Cycling involves thousands of repetitions at a relatively low resistance.  This should make your legs slim and sculpted and rather tasty.

  • Can I ride when injured?

    Sore pinky – sure.

    Broken neck – probably not.

    Sore back, leg or other injury – it may well be ok, but please check with your physio or other expert first, and let your instructor know.

  • Can I ride when pregnant?

    Many pregnant women do indoor cycling classes well into their pregnancy, but it’s generally best not to start intensive exercise during pregnancy after a long break.  If you are in any doubt, please check with your doctor.

Hot Yoga

  • What is Hot/Bikram Yoga?

    Hot yoga is the broad term we use for a range of different posture-based exercises, held in a heated room. At Cyclebeat in our ‘yoga bubble’ we heat to around (37°C) and we currently offer 60 minute Bikram Method classes. Bikram Yoga is a forn of Hatha yoga and consists of a 26 posture sequence. The Bikram yoga practice is known to have a range of health benefits when undertaken regularly. 

  • What is the ‘Yoga Bubble’?

    We call our yoga space the ‘Yoga Bubble’ - a place for strength and calm, a world away from the bustle of the City.  

    We have created a unique and bespoke yoga space for you to enjoy in the courtyard at Lombard Court. It will house small classes of around 20 people and comes equipped with rubber flooring, LED mood lighting and surround heating and humidity.  

  • I’m new to your yoga classes - what do I need to know?

     - Make sure you sign in at reception at least 15 minutes before class, even if you have booked online, to make sure you don’t lose your spot.

     - Be sure to let our friendly reception team know it is your first time so we can look out for you.

     - Try and stay in ‘the yoga bubble’. The heat can take a little getting used to so, try lying down and resting mid-session to help you acclimatise for next time.

     - Make sure you bring a towel to shower with AND a towel to lay on your mat…you’ll need both! We rent these at reception if you don’t bring your own. We will give you a yoga mat to use but you are welcome to bring your own.

     - Listen to your teacher, and let them know about any injuries you have before the start of the class. They will be able to correct your postures and guide your thinking.

     - Bring a bottle of water to class with you, or buy one at reception, and make sure to sip slowly between postures.

     - Every class is suitable for total beginners so feel free to come to any class.

     - There are a few restricted height spots in the middle of the Bubble, which are not suitable for taller participants (5ft10" and above).  We will denote these spaces when booking.


  • Why the heat?

    The heat warms up your body allowing you to stretch into the postures (asanas) in a safer environment. 

  • Can I use the 10 day intro offer for yoga classes?

    The 10 consecutive day pass allows entry to indoor cycling only. But we have launched the Hot Yoga Bubble with it's very own Double Bubble offer - two classes for £16, for anyone who hasn't taken a yoga class with us before.  Buy it here.

  • Do I need to stay in the room for the full class?

    We strongly recommend that you stay in the Bubble for the full time every class. This is really important as the sequence is performed in a specific way to work every part of your body and we want to make sure you get the full workout. Commit yourself to staying in the room for the full class including the final Savasana (relaxation) at the end of each class. That is the best bit and is where all the benefits of your hard work take place. The heat can be a big challenge for a lot of people at the start of their practice so don’t try and squeeze all your ambition into one class. Pace yourself and you will do just fine.

    Of course if you have to leave, then that’s fine but try not to disturb your fellow yogis and please let your teachers know. This should be an exception, not a regular occurrence. Get your body acclimatised to the heat; don’t run away from it! This can be one of the hardest things to master but once you get it, you will transform your practice.

  • How hot is the room?

    The heat varies slightly with different classes but we aim to offer each class at 37 degrees. After just a few classes you get used to the heat, which is there to warm your muscles so you can stretch in a safe environment. You will even start to crave the heat for your tired muscles.

  • Will hot yoga keep me fit, is it cardiovascular & can I lose weight?

    Yes, yes, yes! Whatever your fitness level you will find hot yoga challenging in a very positive way (that’s why so many people come back for more). The postures (asanas) combine strength, flexibility and balance to give you a total body workout. As with other forms of cardiovascular exercise, regular practice will also aid weight loss. 

  • What are the benefits of hot yoga?

    There are many! Among it's benefits, hot yoga can:

     - Provide a total body workout

     - Increase flexibility and strength

     - Help you strengthen your core

     - Help sport (and other) injuries

     - Help you improve your posture

     - Ease back pain

     - Help reduce stiffening of joints

     - Help boost energy levels

     - Relieve tension

     - Help you relaxe your body and mind

  • What if I have never tried yoga before?

    Hot yoga is for everyone. Each class is open to beginners and follows the same format whether it is your first class or whether you have been practising for many years. It does not matter how well you do each posture, only that you try the right way.

  • What if I'm not flexible?

    All the more reason to come to hot yoga! You will be amazed at how quickly your flexibility can improve and the heated room provides a safe environment to do this. Every class is suitable for total beginners, in fact the Bikram Method class is a perfect entry level class for those who have never practiced yoga before and who are inflexible. That doesn’t mean it will be easy though! Every class will challenge you.

  • Do I have to be fit?

    Hot yoga is designed for all levels of fitness, but if you have special medical conditions or injuries, please consult your doctor first. We ask that you inform your teacher of your ailment before class.

  • Am I too old?

    No! Our members range across all ages! You can push the postures as far as you like and, if anything, our members come away saying they feel younger. So if you’re feeling old, there’s even more reason to try!

  • Can I practise if I am pregnant?

    If you are pregnant and want to come to a hot Yoga class, you must first email to discuss suitability.

  • How long do the classes last?

    Each class lasts 60 minutes. All classes are suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced students alike, so just make sure you take your first few classes nice and easy and you will start enjoying all the amazing benefits this wonderful yoga has to offer in no time at all.

  • What if I am late for class?

    Whilst we are willing to allow our customers to arrive (a little) late, we do not encourage this, and we need to be mindful of, and respect, other members who arrive on time. With this in mind, you will not be allowed into the Bubble after the end of the initial breathing exercise even if you are signed in, changed and raring to go.  When the door to the Bubble is closed, I am afraid no entry will be allowed.

  • Do I need to drink a lot before and after class?

    You are going to sweat a fair bit so it’s important to keep the water flowing. We should all try and drink at least 2 litres of water every day. We recommend you drink 1/2 litre of water an hour before class - enough to keep you hydrated during class but not so much that you feel bloated during the postures. In the class itself, after the initial warm-up postures, you should sip water between postures whenever you need to. After class, it’s also really important to get those lost electrolytes back into your system as well. We sell a variety of isotonic tablets and sachets at our reception as well as refreshing coconut water which is a fantastic and completely natural isotonic drink.


  • Should I eat before class?

    Not directly before class. It is recommended that you eat no heavy food 1 to 3 hours before class as all the compression postures aren’t much fun while your body’s still digesting! 

  • What should I wear?

    You are going to sweat so try and avoid loose clothing. Women normally wear sports tops and bottoms. Men normally wear shorts with a t-shirt or sports top being optional. Please do not wear underwear as outerwear and always be decently covered. 

  • What do I need for class and are there lockers?

     - Towels x 2 (1 for class and 1 to shower). We rent towels at reception for £1.

     - Bottle of water. We sell water at reception for £1.

     - Yoga mats are provided for free (although you are welcome to bring your own).

     - We have lockers for your use. You can bring your own padlock or buy one from reception for £5.

  • What's the difference between 90 min Bikram classes and the 60 min one you offer at Cyclebeat?

    The 60 minute class follows the same sequence of postures as the 90 minute class and every posture is included. However, the 60 minute class is generally faster moving and some of the second sets of the postures are missed out, mainly in the floor sequence. Many people find that the shorter class can be more challenging due to the faster pace.

  • Can I use an unlimited pass for the yoga classes?

    Our unlimited cycling packages are not valid for yoga - but if you are on a current unlimited package (that's our monthly membership, or 6 month or annual pass) then we'd like thank you for your loyalty by offering you 10% off any of our pay per class packages - if you want to buy a package with the discount then just ask at reception when you are in the studio or email in the request.  And of course you can get started on the Double Bubble offer of two Hot Yoga Society classes for £16.


  • When can I book a class?

    Every Monday at 11am, bookings open (both rides and hot yoga) for the following Monday through to Sunday.  

    Some of our popular time slots sell out really quickly, so set that alarm to avoid disappointment. 

  • What happens if I cancel a class?

    Stuff happens, events intervene – we understand.   We want to be as fair as possible about your right to cancel a class.  As long as you cancel at least 2 hours before the class is scheduled then that’s fine. Cancellation is through your online account - we’re really sorry but because our booking system is automated you can’t cancel your class over the phone or by email.

    If you cancel after that deadline, unfortunately you will be charged for that class or, if you have an unlimited ride package but don't play fair with your booking privileges, we may suspend your booking rights. 

  • I’m on the waiting list for a class – how does that work?

    Sometimes (but in truth, not always) good things do come to those who wait.  Our instructors are all extraordinary, but some are particularly popular, and peak time slots will sell out very quickly.  If you don’t manage to book the class that you want, there are plenty more to choose from, but if you really really want to take that class, you can add yourself to the waiting list.

    Up until 2 hours before a class, if a slot becomes free, you will be booked onto the class.  We will notify you by email, and your booking will be treated in the same way as any other booking.  Please ensure that you are available to take any class for which you are on the waiting list and remove yourself from the waiting list if you can no longer make it. If you are going to work and you are on the waiting list, please bring your kit as if you were booked onto the class.

    We try to be as flexible as possible with cancellations, which is why we let you cancel a class until 2 hours before the start.  But if a slot does become free in the final 2 hours, you won't automatically be put in the class, because we understand that you need enough notice.  We'll try to get hold of you, but if we don't get hold of you, we will give the place to whoever we do get hold of.  So if you do still want to attend, keep checking the booking page - places always become available in the final few hours.

  • Do I need to book in advance?

    No, you can just turn up but to avoid disappointment we recommend you book.

  • What time to you open?

    Our studio opens 30 minutes before the first class.  So for example, if the first class is at 6.45am we open at 6.15am.

  • Are there showers and lockers?

    Yes, we have male and female changing rooms, each with 8 showers and lots lockers.  Anyone caught singing in the shower will be forced to sing to the rest of their class next time around.

    The lockers use padlocks, so please bring one or you can buy one at reception.

  • Can I hire a towel?

    Yes you can, just ask at reception.

  • Should I eat before class?

    Not directly before class. It is recommended that you eat no heavy food 1 to 3 hours before class as all the compression postures aren’t much fun while your body’s still digesting! 

  • What do I need for class and are there lockers?

     - Towels x 2 (1 for class and 1 to shower). We rent towels at reception for £1.

     - Bottle of water. We sell water at reception for £1.

     - Yoga mats are provided for free (although you are welcome to bring your own).

     - We have lockers for your use. You can bring your own padlock or buy one from reception for £5.