Ride at Cyclebeat

Hello London, welcome to Cyclebeat.

If you’re already into indoor cycling, then get yourself down here.  And welcome home.

If you have never been to an indoor cycling class, we’d love you to come and give us a try.  We think you'll like it here.

The Cyclebeat experience is a bit special.  Consider the following:

  • Our instructors are simply brilliant.  We have tracked down London’s finest to challenge and inspire you.
  •  You can opt into the Beatboard.  It displays your performance in class, and lets you race your mates. It will push you to work harder.
  • Every performance is emailed to you and saved to your account, so you can track your fitness improvements.
  • Tiered seating gives you the best bike in the house, wherever you are sitting.

Classes are all day every day.

No joining fees, no long term contracts, just pay and ride.

Most of all, though, workouts should be fun.  Cyclebeat is exercise with a great big smile on its face.

You probably have loads of other questions.  Check out our FAQs here.

You can start riding (and try hot yoga classes in our beautiful Yoga Bubble) right away by signing up for our extraordinarily good value introductory offer.