Private Hire at Cyclebeat

A fantastic way of kicking off a party or building your team

Cycling Studio

Why ride at Cyclebeat?  Our rides are a fun, motivating and results based experience which can be tailored to your needs.  London’s top instructors will look after you during your ride. A private ride is a fantastic way of kicking off a party or building your team.

Our studio – Our studio boasts 50 bikes in a tiered seating arrangement, powerful sound system and state of the art bikes with our ‘Beatboard’ performance technology. 

Beatboard – This displays your performance at the front of the studio so you know exactly how you’re doing.  It’s really good fun and can be quite competitive if you want it to be.  After the ride your performance details will be saved to your account and emailed to you - a great way of seeing how well you did and how many calories you burned. 

Types of Ride – We tailor our rides to suit you. Rides generally last 45 minutes but longer or shorter rides are available on request. 

45 Beats - Our Flagship 45 minute ride – low impact but high intensity, fantastic for fitness, fat burning and cycle training.  The Beatboard will be used to show individual rank in the class and the results will be emailed to your account after the ride.

45 InZone - A fun and challenging ride that uses power zones to improve cardiovascular fitness and power, provide calorie burn and unlock your potential.  You are tested at the beginning of the ride to determine your 5 personal power zones each one a different intensity.  Ride in the correct zone across varying terrain including hills, flats and descents and feel your own personal challenge.  Can you stay ‘In the Zone’?

Team Ride - Split the group up into teams for extra fun and friendly competition.  The Beatboard will be used to show team rank in the class and the results will be emailed to your account after the ride.  Fantastic for team building.

Music Ride  - A tailored music driven ride, if you like a certain genre, artist or want to include a particular song then the instructor can create the playlist and ride for you.

Cycling Event - Do you have an event coming up such as Ride London? Have you ever wanted to ride a stage of the Tour De France?  Our instructors can create rides using course profiles of actual real world events, these rides are fun and challenging.

Booking Details:  20 person minimum or £250+VAT minimum spend.  45 minute class of your choice. Price includes use of the cycling studio, the class and instructor, shoe and towel hire.

People    Price/ person    Total (exc VAT)
 20           £ 12.50               £250.00 
25            £11.50                £287.50 
30            £10.50                £315.00 


Yoga Bubble

Our beautiful yoga bubble is an amazing space in which to hold an event - hot yoga or otherwise.   


To hire either our Cycling Studio or our Yoga Bubble, just get in touch to discuss availability.  To book we require at least 2 weeks’ notice and a £50 deposit.  Please email Gareth or call him on 0207 042 9002.