Music Matters


Music always matters.  But music really matters in a cycling class -  a great soundtrack can lift your spirits and spur you on. 

At Cyclebeat we all love our music, and every track which we spin is carefully selected.  But lets face it, music is very subjective, one rider’s massive tune is another’s noisy dirge.

That’s why we let you know what you are getting. 

Our instructor profiles include a description of the sort of music they play, so whether you want a high energy dance playlist, or you prefer cycling to kick ass rock music, there are classes on our schedule for you.

Even better, you can listen to tunes from every instructor  - they all have a Spotify playlist on our website so you can check out their music in advance, and listen to it again after class.  You just need to make sure that you have Spotify installed on your computer (at no cost) and you can listen away.

Check out our Spotify playlists.

If there is a particular song which you think would be great in a cycling class, just let us know, you can contact us through our special playlist request email address , through Twitter, or on our Facebook page.  The more we hear from our riders, the more our class soundtracks can reflect the your tastes.  We can’t guarantee to include every song which you recommend, but we can guarantee to consider everything, and to ensure that our instructors continue playing incomparably brilliant soundtracks.