The Beatboard

We’ve all got goals – losing weight, getting faster, increasing power. But most workouts don’t tell us whether they are helping us reach those goals. 

The Beatboard displays every rider's performance so you know exactly how you're doing. We won’t blind you with complicated data, just a few simple stats which will encourage you to push harder.

Every Cyclebeat bike is equipped with a computer which measures how hard you are working, how fast you are pedalling, and how much energy you have used. If you opt into the Beatboard, your numbers will appear on the screens in the front of class, allowing you to compete against your mates and other riders in class. This kind of accountability is guaranteed to make you work harder.

Watch yourself get fitter, faster, stronger. You'll be amazed at the rapid improvements that you can make.

Participating in the Beatboard is strictly optional so if you'd prefer to keep your workout to yourself, totally fine. When you create your account, just tick the box which says that you'd rather hide your details from the leaderboard. But give it a try, even our most private riders have found that the Beatboard can be incredibly motivating – you can choose to opt in at any time through your account and you are only identified by your bike number.

Whether you decide to opt into the Beatboard or not, your performance details from every ride is stored in your Cyclebeat account, allowing you to track your improvements over time and reach your goals.

All you really need to do is just get on your bike and ride.  Leave the rest to us.