The battle for City cycling supremacy starts here!

Welcome to Cyclebeat, we’re delighted that you are considering taking part in November’s City Bike Battle.  Here are three excellent reasons to sign up:

-          This event is the first of its kind in the UK, a unique opportunity to race indoors as a team against other City riders.  Cyclebeat’s cutting edge technology displays each team’s performance as they ride to our uplifting music, so this is a genuine test of your collective pedalling power.

-          It’s a great opportunity to try out Cyclebeat.  All we do is indoor cycling (commonly known as spinning) and we do it rather well.  With London’s finest instructors, and a beautiful, specially designed studio, there is nowhere better to cycle indoors.

-          All money raised for this event goes directly to HOPEHIV, who support children and young people in sub-Saharan Africa who have been orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS.  By taking part, you will be helping to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.


The Event

Teams of 5 from all over the City of London will be taking part, riding against each other to see which crew has the strongest cyclists.  During each 35 minute ride session (see details below) up to ten teams will take part, riding stationary bikes in our specially designed studio.  Our cutting edge performance technology displays each team’s cycling power and overall energy on the Beatboard at the front of the class.  The harder your team works, the higher your ranking on the Beatboard.  Reputations are at stake, and there will be team and individual prizes on the day.


Entering a Team

If you want to take part, you need five team members, and at least two of them need to be female (because men are bigger, they have a weight advantage, so this prevents you from just filling your team with big blokes).  Riding together while raising money for a wonderful cause – what a great team-building opportunity!

The event costs £150 per team (that's £30 per person).  Many companies would be prepared to cover the costs of entering a team for such a worthwhile cause.


The Ride Sessions

There will be three sessions on Thursday 14th November.  The sessions each last 35 minutes, and the timings are as follows:

Session 1:  12.00 – 12.35

Session 2:  12.50 – 13.25

Session 3:  13.40 – 14.15

We will try to group teams from the same industries in the same session, and we will also give you an opportunity to state a preference for a particular ride slot.  But please only enter if your team will be available to ride in any of the above three slots, your payment of the entry fee will be taken as acceptance of this condition.


Signing Up

If you would like to enter a team, please email Ellie at HOPEHIV with the names of the five members of your team (including at least two female members) and the name of the company your team will represent, if applicable.  If you don’t know all five team members at this stage, please go ahead and book, and list the team members you know at this stage.

We hope you decide to take part, and look forward to seeing you and your team on 14th November.


Let battle commence!