The Yoga Bubble has landed!

Enter your bubble - a space where you will find strength and calm, a world away from the bustle of the City.

To celebrate the launch of Hot Yoga Society at Cyclebeat, we are offering a limited Double Bubble intro offer, which lets you buy two classes for £16.  Try it now!

We expect to have classes on our schedule from 13th February so watch this space for more schedule news.

Olga Allon, one of Cyclebeat's founders, also founded and built Hot Yoga Society into one of London's leading hot yoga studios - many of you will have already enjoyed the Hot Yoga Society experience at their London Bridge studio. Now Olga's Hot Yoga Society has introduced hot yoga to the Cyclebeat studio.  

Indoor cycling and hot yoga is the perfect pairing, giving you fitness and balance, cardio and core,  power and composure.  Our Cyclebeat drop-in, 10 class card and 20 class cards will all be valid for hot yoga.  If you have an unlimited ride package (whether a monthly membership or a 6 month or annual membership) we are happy to offer you a 10% discount on any pay as you go package, which you can use to book hot yoga classes.

Check out Olga’s latest Beatblog post where she explains why indoor cycling and yoga are such a great combination.  

And her brother and Cyclebeat co-founder Greg explains in his Beatblog post how he went from being a yoga-skeptic to appreciating what it could do for his cycling and running.